Myanamr Shwe Pyi Tan Trading Construction Co., Ltd is private company limited by registered in cordance with myanamr companies Act under the registration of 2004.

To carry out any kind of major projects we have affiliated with following.

  1. Myanamr Shwe pyi tan trading Co., Ltd
  2. Myanmar Shwe pyi Tan Construction Co., Ltd.

Myanamr Shwe Pyi tan Trading Co., Ltd imports Malaysia cable wires and energy saving lamps and breaker etc., by selling for Myanamr market construction Co., Ltd is experience, competence and success in all kinds of project make it possible to attain a niche among the reputable local Construction/Development Companies in Myanmar, as well as among international firm.

Myanmar Shwe Pyi Tan is able to mobilize all the necessary workforce with skills and equipment/ material timely and efficiently for any particular project and assignment allotted to it. The guarantee for successful implementation is assured, even for the most demanding of our clients.

The company's strength has always been based on a team of dedicated professional combined with long and best experiences. Optimum usage of financial resources and integration of new and noble ideas, backed up by all kinds of resources such as plants & requirements and other required construction materials.

Contact Info:

Address: No. 22 (16) Ward, Pyitharyar St., Yankin Township, Myanamr.

Telephone: 098625266, 0973228511

Office phone: 01 5403396

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